Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions

What does my fundraising cover?

The amount you raise covers all the following training and project costs:

  • Plane ticket
  • Basic travel protection plan
  • Visa
  • Food during the project
  • Local transportation
  • Tel/Com
  • LST Social events (a.k.a Parties)
  • Emergency fund for incidentals
  • Training supplies and event(s)
  • Fundraising supplies
  • LST oversight of your team and site
  • EndMeeting

Your out of pocket expenses could include: passport, fundraising costs (stamps, envelopes), free time travel and souvenirs.

What’s the history of LST?

Let’s Start Talking began as a college student mission on the campus of Oklahoma Christian University in Oklahoma City, OK.  Dr. Mark and Sherrylee Woodward, after returning from a decade of mission work in Germany, found themselves at Oklahoma Christian wanting to return to Germany with short term mission groups.  So in 1980, after much prayer and reflection on the best way to enable short term workers to both serve non-native English speakers through English conversation practice and allow those same Christians an opportunity to share their faith in an easy and natural way, they took what we now know was the first LST project.  John 20:31 formed the foundation of the LST philosophy and methodology – “These Words are written that you might believe…”  LST’s core philosophy is summarized in the phrase, “The Word is the teacher and we are the illustration.”  LST was highly successful in Germany, then in Holland, then throughout Western Europe.  When Eastern Europe opened up in the early 1990’s, LST teams were some of the first groups to go in.  Soon after that, LST started receiving invitations from South America and then Asia.  Today LST sends Workers from campuses and churches around North America to 60 mission sites a year.  It’s been amazing to watch as God opens the hearts of Readers and Workers as they share their lives and faith through conversations based on the book of Luke.

Where are you located? Who oversees you?

LST is located in Hurst, TX (in the DFW area) and is an independent non-profit (501(c)(3)) with an Executive Director and a Board of Directors.  Donations to LST are tax deductible.

I am slightly fearful of sharing my faith and also concerned about certain political climates in other countries. How do you handle that?

LST provides a friendly, easy and non-confrontational way to share Jesus.  We have a training program which your team will complete before leaving on your project.  This includes a video-based training series you do with your team and a supplemental weekend training event.  You will be fully trained by the time you arrive at your host city.

As for the safety of your mission site LST monitors issues of safety and security on a daily basis through official channels of information from the US government as well as non-governmental agencies.  LST is also in constant contact with hosts on the ground at each of our sites.  LST will not knowingly send you into an unsafe situation.

Can I work with a missionary that my church directly supports?

Yes, we love it when this happens!  If your site is not already familiar with LST we can work directly with them to determine whether LST is a good fit for their work.  If we all feel there’s a good fit we’ll ask them to give us an official invitation (we do not work with a missionary site unless they invite us). We will then work with them from start to finish so that they will be prepared for your team’s arrival.

What kind of training will I get?

LST will provide your team with a seven-session video-based training series that you’ll work through as a team in your city.  In addition to this team-based training we ask that you attend one training event (what we call an LST Weekend) which is held regionally throughout the year.  Dates and locations vary, so your LST Team Developer will help you pick the best choice once your team has formed.

Does LST have a statement of faith

To ensure a good fit between an LST team and their potential mission site we ask the team and their site to sign off on the following:

LST Statement of Faith

In order to maintain an objective and biblical standard of faith, each team member participating in a Let’s Start Talking project agrees to the following statement:  From Ephesians 4: 3-6 

I will make every effort to maintain the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. I believe in one body (God’s church – Acts 20:28) and one Spirit (the indwelling Spirit of God – Ephesians 2:22), one hope(of salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ alone -Titus 1:2), one Lord (Jesus Christ, Son of God, raised from the dead – Romans 1:4, ascended to the Father – Ephesians 4:10), one faith (a gift of God – Ephesians 2:8, received by hearing the written – Romans 10:13, and demonstrated Word of God – Romans 1:19,20 ), one baptism (the immersion of a believer into Christ and resurrection/ new birth – John 3:5, to new life – Romans 6:3-4, who receives the forgiveness of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2:38), one God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.  This statement reflects accurately my faith, my practice, and what I teach others.