Wondering how to share your faith in mission settings around the world?

LST Mission Projects

With LST, you have the opportunity to travel to a foreign country and read the Gospel of Jesus with non-believers in a one-on-one, conversational setting — with people who might otherwise never step foot inside a church building. These people come to improve their English language skills but leave changed by the story of Jesus and by the example of love in your life. If you like people, love the Lord, and can speak English, you can do LST!


Who, Where & When

Pack your bags and get ready! LST will help you recruit your own team of friends or family, usually 3–5 people. Your team will train together using LST’s Training Series to prepare for sharing your faith, adapting to a new culture, and working well together.

LST has invitations from all over the world and will match your team with a site that is a good fit. You can go for 2–6 weeks any time of the year, and we arrange your transportation and housing as well as any necessary visas. Each year LST has many more invitations from mission sites then we have teams, so if you’re thinking about going, now is a great time!


Cost & Fundraising


The total cost of an LST mission project is $2600-$3800 depending on where you go and how long you go. This cost covers everything you need during your trip, including airfare, housing, food, materials, local transportation, and training.

Ninety percent of LST workers fundraise for their mission project, and we have lots of experience to help you raise these funds. Yes, international mission work costs a lot of money, but keep in mind that what seems impossible on our own is always possible with God. LST sends hundreds of Christians each year who raise their total amount, and we can help send you too!